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Brief Introduction

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Jiujiang University is a comprehensive university of liberal arts, sciences and engineering. The Main Campus is located in the Lushan District of Jiujiang City. It is a university of higher learning for training senior technicians, administrative officials and other senior personnel. It has a beautiful campus, a large component of highly qualified teachers, and a more-than-adequate provision of high quality teaching facilities.

  The Main Campus currently has a staff of 1300 members. The staff includes over 400 teachers who hold PhD or master degrees. The main campus also recruits foreign teachers year round, and currently has over 12,000 students whose average age is about 20. Its campus covers an area of 147 hectares, the total space of its buildings is 700,000 square meters, and the total value of instruments and equipment is about 1,200,000,000 RMB Yuan.

  It provides excellent conditions for both teaching and research with well equipped Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, Computer Center, Information Center, Foreign Language Broadcasting Station and Foreign Experts Guesthouse. At present, the Main Campus consists of 13 departments (Accounting, Computer science, Management, Civil Engineering, Tourism, Mechanics, Electronics, Materials, Foreign Language, Chemical Engineering, Law, Communication, Mathematics) with a total of 70 specialties.

  Jiujiang University attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange. The main campus has been actively developing its international education and culture exchange program, enrolling foreign students, establishing long-term cooperative relationships with the universities in Japan, Australia, U.S.A, and other countries.

  Jiujiang University is growing into the 21st century with the aim of becoming an influential university in Middle and East China. It is soaring with hope . . .


學校地址:江西省九江市前進東路551號     郵政編碼:332005   
招生電話:0792-8310030 8310031    

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